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Rotary Youth Leadership Academy

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Forms are now available online! Look in the student, parent, or Rotarian pages for forms and flyers.

The 2014 camp is June 22-25 in Fulton.

The Missouri RYLA Academy is a unique hands-on experience in service leadership for high school students entering or exiting their sophomore year. This is the only Rotary International board-recognized multi-district RYLA in the world, sponsored by Missouri Rotary districts 6040, 6060, and 6080. Academy tuition is paid through student sponsorship by local Rotary clubs. The four-day academy takes place on the William Woods University campus in Fulton, Missouri.


Rylarian Comments

"Thank you so much for this opportunity. I would have never known that anyone else would have seen this kind of leadership ability in me! Thanks for noticing it in me."

"This academy has made me believe that I can make a difference in our society; and I will."

"You inspired me to be more than I am."

"This experience has changed my life in a way that leaves me speechless, but ready to speak & share new ideas."

"Thank you for letting me come and give me the nudge I needed to help the world."

"Thanks for sending me to such a wonderful camp. I will promise that I will pay back to our society in the future."

"I learned that service leadership comes in many forms. You don't have to be older to make a difference. And you don't have to change the world, but just change and improve someone's world."

"I learned personally that leadership only gets stronger. You are a better leader when you demonstrate your actions and not your voice."

"I learned about myself and the qualities I possess that I didn't know existed."

"I liked meeting people from all over that are just as passionate and excited to serve as I am."



Who is responsible for payment?

Payment is from the local sponsoring Rotary Club. The fee is $450.00. Some clubs ask participants to pay $50-$100.

How many students can our club sponsor?

Due to space constraints, we have 35 openings per district with no more than one applicant per club. Admission is based on first come, first served, with those applications that are received after the first 35 positions are filled to be put on a waiting list. Clubs may submit more than one application, but any additional students after their first choice will automatically be placed on the waiting list.

How does our club select a student?

Many clubs work with their local high school guidance counselors to find the right participant. RYLA is looking for students who have a heart for service.

What happens if we miss the March 1st deadline?

Depending on how many openings your district has left open on March 1st will define whether your applicant is accepted or placed on a waiting list. You are welcome to submit an application after the deadline, but chances are they will be on a waiting list.


What is a ropes course?

A low-challenge ropes course is a series of team-building exercises that allow RYLA participants to learn to work together. We spend the day at a professional facility with a professionally trained facilitation staff. Participation in every element is optional and athletic skills are not required. Feel free to check out the Website:

What are the sleeping arrangements?

There are separate dormitories for boys and girls with adult supervision on every floor. There are also adult chaperones every night in the common spaces of each dorm. Usually, there are two participants in each room and adults and participants are NEVER paired together. Community bathrooms are on each floor.

Why do we have to sign a Power of Attorney form?

After your participant receives his or her registration packet in the middle of March, you will find many documents/releases that need to be read, signed, and returned by the due date (or your student may be dropped from the program). One of those forms is a Power of Attorney form. This form must be signed by one legal guardian and notarized. It is under legal counsel for the Rotary International RYLA program that we require this document, and if you choose not to return it, your student will not be allowed to participate. No exceptions.

How many adult leaders or staff do you have?

We have a male and a female adult counselor for every 10 participants as well as at least five additional support staff, including the RYLA academy director. Every adult on staff has been cleared through multiple background checks.

Can my student select their roommate?

We do not allow students who come from the same family or community to dorm together. This is part of the academy experience.


In transportation provided?

Due to the large scope of our academy (which is statewide), RYLA cannot provide transportation. We encourage the sponsoring Rotary club to work with each participant's family to assure that the student has a ride to and from the adcademy. Most students' families prefer to handle all the transportation needs themselves.